International Citizens' Forum on War Crimes and Redress

---Seeking Reconciliation and Peace for the 21st Century---

Tokyo, Dec.10th-12th 1999


(Dec.10 Tokyo Women's Plaza / Dec.11 &12 Shakai Bunka Kaikan)




Dec 10th (Fri) Conference Day One

12:00-20:00 Registration at Tokyo Women's Center

12:30-14:50 Video Shows

l        "A Secret Buried for 50 Years" (84min.)

l        "The Rape of Nanking" (44min.)


15:00-17:00 Opening Session

A)    Opening Addresses:

l        Atty. Koken TSUCHIYA (Chair of Japan Organizing Committee [JOC] )

       Atty. Tsuchiya's Speech

l        Prof. Yue-him TAM (President of Global Alliance for Preserving the History of WW II in Asia [GA] )

       "Prof. Tam's Opening Speech"

l        Prof. Lester TENNEY (Victim representative)


B)    Conference Keynote Speech:

l        Attorney Mark WEINTRAUB (Canadian Jewish Congress)

       "Accountability, Justice and the Importance of Memory in the Era of War"


C)    War Crimes and Postwar Redress: An Overview of Current Japan Situation

l        Prof. Akira FUJIWARA (Emeritus Prof. of Hitotsubashi University)

l        Mr. Shigenori NISHIKWA (All-Japan Association of Bereaved Families for Peace)

       "Facing the New Prewar Era - What is happening here in Japan"

l        Prof. RONG Weimu (Modern History Research Centre of China Academy

of Social Sciences)


Moderators: Prof. Hiroshi TANAKA (Hitotsubashi University)

Ms. Citania TAM (Secretary General of GA)


18:00-20:30 Panel Symposium I


Theme: "Japan's War Crimes and Postwar Compensation ---- Analysis and Evaluation"


l        Dr. Gunter SAATHOFF (Policy staff for German Congress)

l        Prof. Takeshi ISHIDA (Emeritus Prof. of Tokyo University)

        "Why Japan can not apologize nor redress?"

l        Prof. KANG San-jun (Tokyo University)



Prof. Takao SATO (Takusyoku University)

Mrs. Elizabeth KING (Michigan Historical Society of WW II in Asia)


Dec 11th (Sat) Conference Day Two

9:00-20:00 Registration at Shakai Bunka Kaikan


9:30-12:00 Five Concurrent Workshops:

"Testimonies & Reports by victims, lawyers & supporters. Discussions on: What victims are seeking now? What are the issues they are confronting now?"


A) Nanjing Massacre

l        Ms. LI Gui-ying (Victim of Nanjing Massacre)

l        Prof. CHEN Juan (Naking Museum)

l        Prof. ZHANG Lianhong (Jilin Provincial Museum)

       Prof. Zhang's Speech

l        Mr. Yoshiyuki KOIKE

l        Mr. Kenji ONO

l        Ms. LIU Caipin (Association for No More Nanking!)

l        Prof. Hiroshi TANAKA (Hitotsubashi University)

       "Why is Asia demanding postwar compensation now?"

       "Closing the Compensation Gap"


B) Military Sexual Slavery & Sexual Violence against Women

l        Ms. Nancy WANG (Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation)

l        Ms. YI Jeonson (Tegu Citizens Forum for Harumuni)

l        Prof. SU Zhi-liang (Shanghai Teachers University)

l        Hon. Congressman Romeo CANDAZO (Philippines)

l        Ms. Fumiko KAWATA (Writer)

l        Ms. KIM Yonghi (Korean & Japanese Citizens' Joint Solidarity Committee

for Redress of War Victims)


C) Forced Labors / POW

l        Prof. HE Tianyi (History Research Center of Hebei Academy of Social Sciences)

       Prof. He's Speech #1

       Prof. He's Speech #2

l        Atty. Takashi NIIMI

l        Prof. Lester TENNEY (Victim of Forced Labor)

l        Mr. Gilbert HAIR (The Center for Internee Rights)

       Mr Hair's Speech

l        Atty. Barry FISHER


D) Unit 731 / Germ & Chemical Warfare

l        Prof. Sheldon HARRIS (Emeritus Prof. of California State University)


                        UNIT 731 WAS NOT AN ISOLATED ABERRATION"

l        Prof. Takao MATSUMURA (Keio University)

l        Ms. WANG Xuan (Victims' representative of Germ-Warfare Lawsuit Against the Japanese Government)

       "Civilian Activities in China over Japanese Biological Warfare: Lawsuit and Investigation"

l        Atty. Keiichiro ICHINOSE

       "Concealment of the Germ Warefare"

l        Prof. ZHOU Hongjun (International Economic Laws Research Center of

       Huadong Institute of Law & Politics)

l        Prof. JING Chengming (Unit 731 Exhibition Center)

l        Others



E) Military Payment Certificate & Looted Cultural Properties

l        Mr. NG Yat-hing (Victim of Military Payment Certificate, Reparation Association Hong Kong)

       Mr Ng's Speech

l        Mr. KAN Sui-pin (Chinese Alliance for Commemoration of the Sino-Japanese War Victims)

       Mr Kan's Speech

l        Prof. ZHAO Jianmin (Fudan University, Shanghai)

       Prof. Zhao's Speech

l        Atty. Masatoshi UCHIDA

13:00-14:00 Summary of Workshops' Conclusion / Recommendations

14:00-17:30 Panel Symposium II


14:00-15:45 Session I: "Litigation to Seek Redress of Japan's Wartime Atrocities"


l        Atty. Yoshitaka TAKAGI

        "Redress lawsuits in Japan"

l        Atty. Barry A. FISHER

        "Global perspectives of redress litigation "

l        Atty. KIM Kyondok

l        Atty. Hiroshi OYAMA

l        Atty. CAHNG Wan Ick

l        Prof. ZHOU Hongjun (Huadong University)


Moderators: Atty. Takashi NIIMI

Ignatius DING (Spokesperson of GA)



15:45-17:30 Session II: "Legislation & Movement for Redress"


l        Hon. Assemblyman Mike HONDA (California State)

       Mr Honda's Speech

l        Hon. Congressman Romeo CANDAZO (Philippines)

l        Mr. Tatsuo KAGE (Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens' Association)


        "Implications of the Redress Movement in Canada"

l        Prof. John TSUCHIDA

l        Japanese Diet members


Moderators: Mr. Ken ARIMITSU (Coordinator of Citizens' Fund for Redress,

Network for Redress of War Victims by Japan)

Ignatius DING (Spokesperson of GA)

18:00-20:00 Reception (Shakai Bunka-kaikan)




Dec 12th(Sun)        Conference Day Three

9:30-16:00 Registration at Shakai Bunka Kaikan


10:00-12:30 Panel Symposium III


A)    "Reflection of Humanity on the Atrocious Past and Pacifism against

Resurgence of Militarism in Japan"


l        Ms. Kimiko KURIHARA (Former Senator from Hiroshima)

       "Hiroshima: being assailant before being victim"

l        Mr. Yukio GIBO (Former Chairperson, Teachers' Union in Okinawa)

l        Mr. LEE Soogap (Korean Peace Activist)

l        Mr. Greg SMITH (Social Studies Coordinator, Ministry of Education of British Columbia, Canada)

        "Jewish Holocaust & Asian Holocaust - Humanity Education in School"

l        Prof. YIN Yan-jun (Nankai University)

l        Hon. Albert HO Chun-yan (Legislative Councilor of Hong Kong)

       "Reflection on Humanity on the Atrocious Past and Pacifism Against Resurgence of Japan Militarism"


        Moderators: Prof. Yoshihisa YOSHIDA (Sagami Women's University)

                                Ms. Kaimay YUEN (Minnesota Alliance for Preserving the History of WW II in Asia)



B) "War Crimes -- the Wounds in the Hearts of Victims & Perpetrators"


l        Prof. Masaaki NODA (Kyoto Zokei Geijyutsu University)

"Psychological analysis of war memories in postwar Japan"

l        Dr. Peter LIEBERMANN (German Psychiatrist)

"Post-traumatic impact on survivors' of war crimes against humanity"


Moderators: Ms. LIU Caipin (Association for No More Nanking!)

Atty. Tony WONG (Toronto Association for Learning & Preserving the History of WW II in Asia)



13:30-16:00 Panel Symposium IV


Theme: "Seeking Reconciliation & Peace for the 21st Century"


l        Prof. Yoshikazu SAKAMOTO (Emeritus Prof. of Tokyo University)

l        Atty. Mark WEINTRAUB (Canadian Jewish Congress)

"War Crimes and Redress: the Perspective of a Jewish Canadian"

l        Prof, Yopung Ho KIM (Kyungpook National University)

l        Prof. Yue-him TAM (President of GA)

       "Japan's peace role in 21st Century -- Japan's resistance to the redress of its war atrocities as perceived by the people of victimized countries and the international community"


Moderators: Prof. Mihoko EJIRI (Tsuda University)

Prof. John PRICE (University of Victoria, Canada)



16:00-17:00 Closing Session

Adoption of Tokyo Appeal

Concluding Remarks by Prof. Shinichi ARIA (Surigadai University)

Closing Address by Atty. Koken TSUCHIYA (Chair of JOC)


17:20-19:00 Rally in commemoration of the 62nd Anniversary of Nanjing Massacre



                                Other Related Papers

                                l        Mr. Zhang Lian - "Japanese War Crime in China and Crime Responsibilities"

                                l        Mr. Li - "ߪXI"

                                l        Mr. Sun - "Nanjing Massacre in Chinese Memories"

                                l        Mr. Wu Kwong Yi - "Analysis on Compensation To the Victims"