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On November 28, 2007 the Canadian House of Commons unanimously passed the motion to urge the Japanese government to take full responsibility to take full responsibility for the involvement of the Japanese Imperial Forces in the system of forced “comfort women” and to offer formal and sincere apology to the “comfort women” in the Diet and to continue to address those who are affected in the spirit of reconciliation!  



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"Comfort Women" Motion is passed.   
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- 請簽名支持要求國會通過有關「慰安婦」的第291號動議

- "Comfort Women" on CBC Newsworld - April 12, 2007


“Comfort Women” Motion
That, in the opinion of this House:  

i. During its wartime occupation of Asia and the Pacific Islands, from the 1930s through the duration of World War II, the Imperial Armed Forces of Japan officially commissioned the acquisition of young women for the sole purpose of sexual servitude, who became known as 'comfort women'; and  

ii. That some Japanese public officials have recently expressed a regrettable desire to dilute or rescind the 1993 statement by Chief Cabinet Secretary Yohei Kono on the 'comfort women', which expressed the Government's sincere apologies and remorse for their ordeal; and  

iii. That Japan has made progress since 1945 in recognizing and atoning for its past actions, and for many decades has been a major contributor to international peace, security, and development, including through the United Nations; and

iv. That the Canada-Japan alliance continues to be based on shared vital interests and values in the Asia-Pacific region, including the preservation and promotion of political and economic freedoms, support for human rights and democratic institutions, and the securing of prosperity for the people of both countries and the international community; and  

v. That the Government of Canada should therefore encourage the Government of Japan to abandon any statement which devalues the expression of regret from the Kono Statement of 1993; to clearly and publicly refute any claims that the sexual enslavement and trafficking of the 'comfort women' for the Japanese Imperial Forces never occurred; to take full responsibility for the involvement of the Japanese Imperial Forces in the system of forced prostitution, including through a formal and sincere apology expressed in the Diet to all of those who were victims; and to continue to address those affected in a spirit of reconciliation.

Click here to read details of the proceedings related to the issue of “comfort women” in the House of Commons Debate on November 28, 2007.


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