Canadian Conference on
Preventing Crimes Against Humanity:
Lessons from the Asia Pacific War (1931-1945)

March 21-22, 2003 University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

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    Media Notice on Closing Plenary of March 22, 2003
    Media Notice on Opening Ceremony of March 21, 2003
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    Media Releases

  • "Abuse of First Nations in Residential Schools a Crime against Humanity"
    February 28, 2003   [English]
  • "Distinguished Speakers to Discuss Preventing of Crimes Against Humanity Today"
    February 21, 2003   [English]
  • "Canadian Conference to Open with a "Racism and War" Plenary"
    February 6, 2003   [English]
  • "Survivor of Japan's Military Sexual Slavery will testify at a Canadian Conference"
    January 25, 2003   [English]   [Chinese PDF]

    Media Report

  • "Opening of WW II History Conference"
    March 22, 2003   [Chinese PDF]
  • "Survivors of biological warfare call on Canadian government to investigate its role in the cover-up"
    March 20, 2003   [Chinese PDF]
  • "Survivors of biological warfare testify atrocities committed by Japanese army"
    March 20, 2003   [Chinese PDF]
  • "Canada may have know about Japan Canada may have known about Japanese WWII anthrax experiments - Canadian Press"
    March 19, 2003   [English PDF]
  • "Weapons of Mass Destruction: Remembering and Forgetting"
    March 17, 2003   [English PDF]   [Chinese PDF]

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