Summary of Activities

The First Hearing of Unit 731 Biological Warfare Appeal Court Case


May 20, Tuesday


8:30 am         Distribution of handouts in front of the Court House

11:00 am       Attendance at Unit731 Biological Warfare Appeal Hearing, Tokyo District Court, Grand Bench, Room 101

After the Hearing, a demonstration in downtown, Tokyo to appeal to the public to support the demand for an apology and compensation for the germ warfare victims.

Afternoon:    Lobbying at Japanese government offices (including Ministry of Defence, Ministry of External Affairs and Ministry of Welfare) by the group of plaintiffs and supporters to request acknowledgement of Japan's involvement in the Germ Warfare and for fact finding investigations

6:00 pm         Rally for reviewing the first appeal hearing at Tokyo Senior Work


May 21, Wednesday


Morning        Discussion session with Japanese physicians

Afternoon     Witnessing meeting in the Diet Building hosted by Diet members


May 21-23    


Witnessing meetings are planned in Tokyo, Sagamihara, Ichikawa, etc. organized by

citizens' groups.