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Aim and Declaration

Support Materials for Learning Resource on Human Rights in the Asia-Pacific 1931-1945
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Peace and Reconciliation Study Tour for Canadian Teachers
  International Human Rights Day Symposium for Students (IHRDSS): Human Rights in the Asia-Pacific 1931-1945
Support Materials for Teachers' Guide on Human Rights and the Asia-Pacific (1931-1945): Social Responsibility and Global Citizenship
Premier Book Launch in Vancouver - Meet Prof. Ying-Ying Chang, Mother of Iris Chang
Book Launch – Orienting Canada by Prof. John Price
Study Guide of the documentary, "Iris Chang - The Rape of Nanking"
Forgotten Voices, Living History – International Conference for Educators on the WWII History in Asia
Witness to History: Canadian Survivors of WWII in Asia - DVD Documentary
Video of the 2006 Peace & Reconciliation Study Tour for Canadian Teachers (Mandarin)
Video of the 2005 Peace & Reconciliation Study Tour for Canadian Teachers (English)
"Comfort Women" Motion passed unanimously in Canadian House of Commons
Pacific War in Stamps Exhibition - In Commemoration of the 65th Anniversary of WWII in Asia 從郵票認識太平洋戰爭展覽:亞洲二戰結束65周年紀念
Commemoration of Day of Peace in the Asia-Pacific 2009 (the 64th Anniversary of WWII in Asia)
Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the End of WWII in Asia
OPEN LETTER to the Japanese Emperor and Empress issued by multi-ethnic organizations
Commemoration of Iris Chang
Iris Chang Memorial Essay Contest
Fundraiser Movie: Iris Chang: The Rape of Nanking 「張純如:南京大屠殺」
Cantonese Drama - Nanjing 1937 &
Documentary - The Forgotten Holocaust
Asia Regional Conference
Multi-ethnic Position Paper for Redress, Reconciliation and Peace in the Asia-Pacific
Petition to oppose Japan's bid for a permanent seat on UN Security Council
Canadian Delegation to Support Biological Warfare Survivors in their Appeal to Tokyo Courts
Conference on Preventing Crimes Against Humanity: Lessons from the Asia Pacific War (1931 - 1945)

San Francisco Peace Treaty - An Unjust Treaty

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