Information Sheet: (December 1998)
Let's Support the Victims of Nanjing Massacre/Unit 731/Indiscriminate Bombing in their Compensation Lawsuit Against the Japanese Government!

In response to Mr. Hiroshi Oyama's request Canada Association for Learning & Preserving the History of WW II in Asia (ALPHA), Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens' Association (JCCA) Human Rights Committee and Canadian Jewish Congress (Pacific Region) would like to urge you to participate in the letter writing campaign to support the above-captioned victims (Nanjing Massacre/Unit 731/Indiscriminate Bombing Case) by sending a support letter to Mr. Kou Ito (¥ì Ãà ­è ), the Chief Judge, 24th Civil Division of Tokyo District Court. The signed letter should be faxed to JCCA at (604)432-7017 or ALPHA at (604)439-7738, or directly mailed/faxed to Mr. Hiroshi Oyama (§À¤s §» ), chief counsel for this lawsuit. He will then present it to the court.
Information Regarding the Plaintiffs and Case Background

In total there are ten plaintiffs.

1) During the Nanjing Massacre Li Xiuying (§õ ¨q ­^ ) resisted a Japanese soldier who tried to rape her and other soldiers slashed her. With 37 wounds she almost died and had a miscarriage.

2) Suspected as spies Jing Lanzhi ¡] ·q Äõ ªÛ ¡^ and her husband Zhu Zhiying¡] ¦¶ ¤§ ¬Õ ¡^ were arrested and tortured. She was released but her husband was sent to Unit 731 and killed as a vivisection experiment victim.

3) Wang Ibing (¤ý ¥ç §L ) : His father, Wang Yaoxuan (¤ý Ä£°a ) was arrested by Kenpei Tai
(Japanese military police). He was sent to Unit 731 and was killed there. Mr. Yutaka Mio, an ex-Kenpei, who took the witness stand, had sent Wang Yaoxuan to Unit 731. Wang Ibing's five siblings are also plaintiffs.

4) Another plaintiff is Wang Huimin (¤ý ¼z ±Ó ). Her elder brother Wang Dongshen (¤ýªF ¤É ) was arrested together with Wang Yaoxuan. Both were sent to Unit 731 and killed there.

5) Gao Xiongfei ¡] °ª ºµ ­¸ ) lost his right arm and his mother during the indiscriminate bombing of non-combatant population areas.

This lawsuit is supported by the Society to Support the Demands of Chinese War Victims (SuoPei) . Address: 6th floor, Lapaz building, 2-33-10, Minamiohtsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan .

Other Ongoing SuoPei Cases

For more information, please also consult the SuoPei's Homepage. or contact:
Thekla Lit Canada ALPHA (604-439-7738) or
Tatsuo Kage JCCA Human Rights Committee (604-432-9017)