Mr. Kou Ito, The Honorable Chief Judge
24th Civil Division of Tokyo District Court

The Honorable Chief Judge, Mr. Ito:

Re.: Nanjing Massacre/Unit 731/Indiscriminate Bombing Case

In regard to the above named lawsuit, I would like to express my serious concern about the prolonged sufferings of the victims and their immediate family members because of crimes against humanity committed by the Japanese Military before and during World War II .

I am aware that the German government spent substantial funds for restitution to the Holocaust victims. In North America, the unjust removal and incarceration of people of the Japanese ancestry during World War II were redressed by both the US and Canadian governments. In contrast Japan has yet to meet international standards of justice by rectifying the wrongs done by its military and civilian authorities.

I look forward to a decision of your court which meets the expectation of the international community to protect humanity, justice and the dignity of individuals. More specifically, I urge the court to order the Japanese government to apologize for past wrong-doings and to compensate the plaintiffs for damages.

Respectfully yours,



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