British Columbia Committee Against Japanís Bid for

UN Security Council Permanent Seat

Statement of Demand to Japanese Government

Our Committee upholds the spirit of humanity and does not condone racial hatred or ethnic animosity of any kind, including anti-Japanese sentiments.  As Canadians, we strive for harmony, truth and justice for all people.


We oppose firmly the Japanese governmentís intentional and systematic denial of its war crimes and responsibility.  These acts have manifested themselves in the form of its approval of the whitewashed history textbooks that gloss over atrocities committed by Japanese troops during WWII; and of elected government officials paying tributes to Yasukuni shrine where Japanese convicted war criminals are worshipped, and where Japanese militarism is shamelessly glorified.  


Such blatant behaviours confirm our belief that no real peace and reconciliation can be forged between Japan and its former victim nations, unless Japan expresses its true remorse with an apology that must minimally contain the following actions:


(1)   The apology must be based on a law duly enacted by the Japanese Diet, authorizing its Prime Minister and Emperor to make a public apology to all the aggrieved nations.

(2)   The same law enacted must include an authorization to the government to compensate the victims of Japanese aggression and atrocities, including a mechanism for determining just compensation for the victims.

(3)   The law must also mandate a faithful collection, documentation, preservation, and distribution of the truths about Japanís aggression in the Asia-Pacific War, 1931-1945.

(4)   The law must also include a mandate that the textbooks in Japan reflect this history in perpetuity; and

(5) Denials of the Asian Holocaust must be outlawed.


We remain vehemently opposed to Japanís attempt to become a permanent member of the UN Security Council until Japan addresses the above issues.


May 4, 2005

(This Statement of Demand was handed to the Japanese Consulate in Vancouver at the end of Protest Rally organized by the British Columbia Committee Against Japanís Bid for UN Security Council Permanent Seat on May 4, 2005)