The Japanese School Textbook Screening Suit
Support Letter

Please sign the following letter and send it back to the National League for Support of the School Textbook Screening Suit by fax or by mail. Your support and comments on the IENAGA Textbook Screening Lawsuit will be submitted to the Diet of Japan to make them aware of international opinion on this matter. You may also save this letter as a text file in your computer and then e-mail it to after you fill in your name, address and comments if any.

The Diet of Japan
c/o National League for Support of the School Textbook
Screening Suit (NLSTS)
204 Toa Bldg., Iidabashi
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102
Fax: 81-3-3239-8590

Dear Members of the Diet,

Re:School Textbook Screening Lawsuit

I would like to express my deep concern about the concealment of historical facts through the process of textbook screening.

In order for Japanese children to become responsible participants in a democratic society, and for the promotion of world peace and human rights, I believe that the Japanese aggressions and criminal actions of the past must be made known.

I believe that the approval of textbooks which distort the fact of the war is contrary to the international standards of a guarantee to the freedom of expression and the right to know the truth.

I look forward to the issuing of a decision which addresses the concerns of the international community.
Yours respectfully, 



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